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Articles and information on Internet-enabling your Commodore 64 Computer.


Using the WiModem at 38K Baud with CommodoreServer

The WiModem is another internet modem you can use to connect to CommodoreServer. This article will show you how to set it up at a fast 38K baud! Read more...


Now Available: CS Menu

Explore this new program to help you navigate CommodoreServer's features, apps, and games. Manage your disks, play games, launch online apps and more! Read more...


Commodore Flyer Help

Using your Commodore Flyer with CommodoreServer? Need some help on the additional features? With CommodoreServer, there are a few extra features that you might not be familiar with while using your Flyer. Read more...


V-1541 2.4 Released

V-1541 has an extensive API for Internet communication. New features make it even easier to write CommodoreServer programs in BASIC or Assembly. Read more...


Comet64 Rev. 3b Assembly Instructions

Here's how to build your new Comet64 when you purchase it as a kit. Read more...


Mega 1541 - 10 Disk Drives in One

Using a single virtual disk drive is awesome. But being able to switch between 10 drives is insanely cool! Read more...


Flyer Chat Released

If you have a Commodore Flyer, you can now participate in CommodoreServer's chat rooms, thanks to the release of 'Flyer Chat' Read more...


Using the Wiz Config Utility to View/Change Comet64 Settings

Even though you can send commands to the Comet64 to change its configuration, sometimes you just need to quickly view or change the settings. Here's how to use the Wiz Config Tool (a PC-based utility) and set the default settings for the Comet64. Read more...


Access the Internet Using RR-NET in VICE

Did you know that RR-NET-compatible devices, such as 64NIC+ can be used in VICE? Doing so has many advantages because you can run RR-NET enabled programs from your emulator, provided that you are on a network. This article will show you how to configure VICE to use RR-NET emulation. Read more...


Group Zork, a Multi-Player Experience

Remember when you played Zork with a room full of friends watching and telling you what to do? That is the experience that Group Zork aims to duplicate - except with online friends watching the game you are playing and chatting with you and others at the same time. Read more...