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Internet Modems

There are many options to consider when choosing the right Internet Modem for your Commodore computer. Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) is one option that allows you to quickly write programs by simply using the stock RS-232 routines and sending data directly through to the Internet.

fully assembled

Comet64 Internet Modem

Starting at $49.99 + $6.17 Priority Mail (2-3 bus. days) w/ delivery confirmation in the U.S. (international rates vary)

A Serial-to-Ethernet device, this modem connects to the user port and provides an Internet connection to any server. Works well for:

  • Call Internet BBSes using your existing Terminal Programs
  • Chat online
  • Play online, multi-player games on CommodoreServer
  • Use V-1541 with CommodoreServer to access disks/files remotely
  • Compatible with other S2E software
  • More apps / games coming soon

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