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Dedicated to my wife and family.

With the long work days and time spent away from my family, it seemed like forever getting this project launched. This site is dedicated to my wife and family for their support and understanding of my crazy desire to play with Commodore computers. Thank you!

(System architect, designer, programmer, tester and creator of the CommodoreServer font)
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CommodoreServer.com couldn't have been a success without a few resources and contributions from other people. A special thank-you goes out to the following:

Other Resources

The following resources were tremendously helpful to the completion of CommodoreServer.com:

  • The trusty Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide (PRG)
  • George Hug and his excellent article on RS-232 Kernal misfortunes, Toward 2400 (Transactor Vol. 9, Issue 3 - Feb. 1989 p.62)
  • Emulator File Formats Documentation, compiled by Peter Schepers. Others were involved in creating these documents, but are too many to list. See the compilation for full credits.
  • DirMaster - I highly recommend this utility DirMaster v2.1
  • Bombjack - Just about every book and Commodore document you can think of, scanned to PDF files BombJack
  • Annotated BASIC and KERNAL ROM Disassembly by Agent Friday