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Privacy Policy for CommodoreServer.com

It is our goal to protect your privacy to the fullest extent possible on this Website. To do so, we have outlined the following privacy policy to keep you informed of how we use and share your public information and how we use and keep private your personal information.


We use cookies to keep session state and to store your email address as a convenience for your returning visit.

The cookies used for session data include a server-generated code and session key value. They do not hold any personal information that can be identified by a third party. Together, they are used to keep track of your activity as you navigate in the members area of this Website. They are stored on your machine until your session ends. When you sign out, the cookies are destroyed completely.

We store your email address in a cookie for 90 days since your last login as a convenience to you. That way, when you return to CommodoreServer.com, your email address can be pre-entered for you on the login page. If you do not want your email address stored, you can visit the clean login page, which is linked from the main login page.

Personal Information We Collect and Hold Private

We ask for your name, email address, password and a remote-access pin. This information is held private, for use by site administrators of CommodoreServer.com for the purposes of contacting you regarding your account. It is also used to assist in proving emails generated by CommodoreServer.com are indeed from CommodoreServer.com. By displaying your name and email address, you can have some assurance that the email you see is generated on our end. However, this is not a completely reliable way to determine phishing scams or other inappropriate email, but it does help. We will display your name, where appropriate, in emails regarding the status of your account or billing information.

Publicly Displayed Information

Some of the information you furnish is used and displayed throughout the site. Other members, as well as non-members, may see this information in accordance with our terms of service. This information includes your Screen Name, web site, time zone, blog data and blog entries, forum posts and other publicly viewable content. We will never display your real name or email address to another member or non-member without a direct authorization from you (for instance, if you become friends with someone and wish to disclose certain private data in your profile).

Online Content

As a member of CommodoreServer.com, you have the ability to upload disk images, articles, files, and other content. We allow you to do so for the purposes of improving the content available to other members. We do not permit you to upload copyrighted materials and any violation will result in such content to be removed. In cases where the content originates from you or the public domain, we permit you to upload this information to our server(s). The disclosure of such information is sometimes controlled by you and at other times is deemed appropriate to share with all audiences, depending on the context of the information (for instance, a blog or forum post will be displayed to the public but disks that you upload may be kept private by you). The type of data you upload will determine whether or not it is shown to the public. If you have any concerns about what data is private and what data is public, you may request additional information by contacting us. By simply creating an account, we expect you to know and understand the differences between public and private information. In no case will your personal information be shown publicly.