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Flyer Chat Released

If you have a Commodore Flyer, you can now participate in CommodoreServer's chat rooms, thanks to the release of 'Flyer Chat'

Flyer Chat 1.0 has been released.

The Flyer can now access CommodoreServer's chat rooms.  Use the Flyer to load directly from CommodoreServer:


After loading, type RUN and you are ready to join in.

Startup Notes

  • Firmware version 1.1.7 or higher is required in order to use Flyer Chat.  To upgrade your firmware, type LOAD"^:*",7.  The Flyer will update the firmware and you will be ready to use Flyer Chat.
  • If you haven't already done so, create an account at www.CommodoreServer.com and configure your Remote Access Settings under "My Account".  The Remote Access Settings provide different credentials than your login on the Web site itself.  Choose how you will log in remotely and assign a PIN (a numeric password).
  • When the program asks you to log in, make sure you use the same Remote Access settings you have chosen above.
  • To chat, you simply start typing.
  • You can press F7 for a menu of options.

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c64web 3/15/2012

Gave the new Flyer chat a go. Works and looks great, moved though all the menus no problems
well done guys. :)


retrobits 9/18/2014

I'm late to the game but this chat program is great! Thanks! Having fun with it right now.