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My name is Bryce L. Tomlinson. Back in the 80's I became "almost famous" by writing a little program to make keyboard graphics on the Commodore 64 for all of the Color 64 BBS services that were popping up all over Portland Oregon and the USA. Today I'm a filmmaker and social media expert, but my memories haunt me, and I long to bring the fun and adventure of the C64 back to my living room. Join me in my quest, and I'll try to share what happens as I rebuild my 8-bit past in the 21st century.


Accessing V-1541 and CometChat in VICE for Mac OSX

While the setup for the PC version of WinVICE is fairly straightforward and simple, the Mac and Linux versions have their features relocated into different places, and many of them remain undocumented. Read more...


Blinging out my Setup

When last we visited our hero, Bryce was digging up his past and mulling over Maverick for the C= 1581. But with great power comes great responsibility! Or something like that. Read more...


Maverick 5.0 -ON- the 1581? A Tricky Way to Archive Disks

In the beginning, the earth was void and without form... and so was the technology to archive 1581 disks for future use. Read more...


Collecting Retro by Attrition

Just like back in the day, one of the best techniques for garnering the retro system of your dreams is buying systems and selling what you don't want. Read more...


Getting Back in Action... Sort of

Being out of the C64 scene for almost 20 years has a price. And most of it is paid in arthritis. Read more...