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My name is Bryce L. Tomlinson. Back in the 80's I became "almost famous" by writing a little program to make keyboard graphics on the Commodore 64 for all of the Color 64 BBS services that were popping up all over Portland Oregon and the USA. Today I'm a filmmaker and social media expert, but my memories haunt me, and I long to bring the fun and adventure of the C64 back to my living room. Join me in my quest, and I'll try to share what happens as I rebuild my 8-bit past in the 21st century.


Collecting Retro by Attrition

Just like back in the day, one of the best techniques for garnering the retro system of your dreams is buying systems and selling what you don't want.

My wife and I have a new favorite pasttime.  Junking.   In fact, we do pretty well at it.   I make almost a full time income just from buying stuff at garage sales and thrift stores and selling it online.   It's kind of fun, especially if you stick to the type of stuff you actually enjoy playing with.   I like gadgets.  I have plenty of gadgets of my own without adding to it, but it's fun to get a "new" gadget, play with it a while and the part with it for a profit. 

It's sort of funny because my wife is way more considerate than I am.  She finds stuff that I like.   She found me a hard shell flight case for my tripod & lighting gear for my video business.   It turned out to be worth about $280, but she found it for $15.   We just had to replace the latches, which were $8 apiece from the factory.   I can't say that I'm on the lookout for stuff that she likes.  I probably should work on that, maybe try my hand at looking through the handbags or shoes. Riiiiiight.

I think I showed my system to the PDXCUG folks last time I was over there.   It was the last of what was left after I had sold some and donated a ton more.   Boy do I kick myself for that.  Much of what I sold and donated, I find myself shopping for now.  But that's cool, because I've found I'm pretty good at this.   I buy a C64 or C128 system complete, and then only keep the parts of it that I was actually wanting when I got it.   For instance, I got myself an AproSpand 4-slot cartridge expander and 1541-II when I picked up a C64 system for $30.  I sold the 64, the 1764 REU and a few cartridges it came with, and basically got the gear I wanted for free. :)   Julie found a C64 in its original box, a Vic-1541 (1540 transitional model) and 1702 monitor for $35, then I got a C128, 1571, 1902 monitor and MPS-803 printer all in the original boxes for $100.   I should be able to triple that, and I got a free Wico Command Control Joystick and a bunch of original game disks for free, right?

I could get used to this retro market.

The next few gadgets should add some fun to the equation.   I've got an Amiga 1200 coming in the mail, as well as a 1541 Ultimate shipping sometime this month.

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