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  • by magicaros

Commodore computers where humanly understandable in their whole, who today still know his computer as intimately as we know our commies? That's why i love C= ! beside Retro is the new hype :p


C64 CP/M Disk Format Decripted

This is a deep analysis of how a C64 CP/M and DOS/65 disks works. Read more...


C64 CP/M Cartridge - The under estimated

Back in the 80's when the CP/M cartridge was realised, it was rushed to the market and had flaws that made it unsuccesfull, however There is some very under estimated aspect of the cartridge that many failled to see back then. let's explore them! Read more...


CP/M for the C64

Unlike the C128 the C64 wasn't directly compatible with CP/M operating system but had an add on Cartridge giving the C64 an external Z80 CPU, however this was neither a great commercial success neither really usefull. Read more...