• Dr. Evil Laboratories

  • by kentsu

This blog recounts the history of Dr. Evil Laboratories, the creator, manufacturer, and retail sales of peripherals and software for the Commodore 64, including the Imagery! adventure game system, the SID Symphony Stereo cartridge, and the Swiftlink-232 cartridge.


A Glimpse into Digital Solution, Inc.'s Products

One can learn quite a bit about a defunct software company's products and timeline from searching through online archives. Digital Solutions created the well-known Paperback / Pocket series for the C-64/128, as well as Amiga versions of at least some of those products. Read more...


How to Forensically Repair a Corrupted .D64 Image

Do you have an image of a 1541 disk that has special meaning, but it has corruption (bad sectors)? Learn how to repair the image by replacing the bad sectors in place, without disturbing the placement of any of the data. Read more...


All Good Things...

Dr. Evil Laboratories officially existed from January 1, 1987 through December 31, 1991--five years exactly. During that time, we served 1425 customers across 16 different countries, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun. Here's the story of how and why it all came to an end, and what happened to the products. Read more...


SwiftLink-232 Serial Cartridge

"A modem? What's that?" my kids asked me. Roll back the years and read about the development, production, and promotion of the SwiftLink-232, which enabled C-64s and C-128s to utilize 2400+ baud modems. Read more...


Sometimes a T-shirt is not just a T-shirt, Jack Tramiel

Check out a darkly humorous and very obscure piece of MOS Technology's history... Read more...


SID Symphony Stereo Cartridge, Part 2

Part 2 of the SID Symphony story details the rise in popularity of the cartridge, engineering improvements for version 2 and version 3, a company relocation, participation in more SIDfest and World of Commodore events, marketing and sales of Enhanced Sidplayer, the creation of SID Basic, and the sale to Creative Micro Designs. Read more...


SID Symphony Stereo Cartridge, Part 1

To help celebrate the 25th anniversary of this popular hardware peripheral for the C-64/128, read the untold story of its development, by going behind the scenes with Kent Sullivan and Rick Washburne. Read more...


CBM REU: Almost a perfect home for function ROMs

If you want to use your CBM RAM Expansion Unit (REU) to host a function ROM, check out this post. Read more...


Imagery! Adventure Designer Feature List

Dr. Evil's special guest (soon to be henchman) Kyle shares a somewhat-longer list of feature requests for the adventure designer. Please add to this list via comments!

Once the list is stable, we'll roll these into the same new version as for bug fixes. Read more...


Imagery! Adventure Designer Bug List

Dr. Evil's special guest Kyle Sullivan (age 12) shares the (thankfully) short list of bugs he has discovered while using the adventure designer. Please add to this list via comments!

Once the list is stable, we'll squash some bugs & create a new version! Read more...