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  • by Darkseid20

I made a small Commodore 8bit computer forum, I know they are a dime a dozen but what is one more. I just love the Commodore 64 and I wanted a site that I ran to show my love for it. Beside I'm doing things a little differently than all the other sites. To see what I mean just go here-> https://www.c64press.mega-anime.net There's a little of every thing, well almost, I'm still adding and building so just keep an eye on it to see what's new. Also I'm not always on-line at C64press there are a few other sites on mega-anime.net that I manage from time to time, so I have to divide all of my free time between them, C64press and what ever I have going on off-line. So expect very little activity for the time being, I will how ever be more active on the site later on. I just need to see real interest in the site. And kudos to CommodoreServer for building the best Commodore site in existence, keep up the great work, we're all super grateful.

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