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Commodore-related Blogs from registered bloggers at CommodoreServer.com

--==<Rik's Blog>==--

by daytona400f

random musings

Commodore 128 and stuff

by tonyrocks

I love the Commodore 128. I miss having my original.

Commodore 128 Paradise ! ! !

by carlosjuliopr

Commodore 128 Paradise is the place to find software and infortion for Commodore's best computer ever ! ! !

Diary of an old CBM Fanboy

by Geomat

CBM Fanboy for over 30 years, but Iv'e forgotten more than most people learn in a lifetime! 8-)


by Hydrophilic

Software and hardware stuff about C128 in particular, and low-level stuff (6502, AtMega, CIA, VIC-II).

Judland's Commodore Blog

by judland

These are the ramblings of a happy Commodore computer user since 1983. I cover topics on both the C64 and C128, reviewing my favorite games and applications, as well as share some of my favorite memories from the 8-bit era. If you'd like to read more, you can visit my blog at: https://www.my64.in.nf -or- https://www.my128.in.nf

MIRKOSOFT blog of Commodore 128


Blog about my activity around Commodores 128


by Weegee

PSMUD? What does that mean? PSMUD stands for Puget Sound Multi User Dungeon!


by Redmanrising

Does anyone have a spare Comet64 modem to sell? I have never taken my 128 on the net and would like to try. Thanks. Red


by spylisteninghot

spy listening hot is great


by polluks

Software support for C128.

Vice compilation with ethernet enabled

by celsius

linux/freebsd emulator tips and tricks

What can you do

by ChrisNJ

Things you can do with the comet64

WxManII and his (T)rusty Commodore 128D

by WxManII

Hey, I got bit by the computer but early. Like in 1982. VIC-20 to C64 to C128D. Finally pulled this thing out of storage, plugged it in and it works. Now I'm trying to find some use for it before I start pulling out the Ham radio equipment!