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Comet64 Internet Modem

Seller: CommodoreServer.com



The Comet64 is currently being re-designed. Please check back at a later time.


The Comet64 Internet Modem is a peripheral that connects to the User Port on a stock Commodore 64, SX-64, VIC-20 or C128 computer. It provides an interface between the RS-232 port and the Internet (via an ethernet cable).

Product Details

Use the Comet64 Internet Modem to connect your Commodore 64, SX-64, Vic-20 or Commodore 128 to the Internet. Using software found on CommodoreServer.com, you can connect to CommodoreServer.com to download games and other files as well as connect to other Internet resources. Depending on software availability, you can view email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, FTP, use CSIP (on CommodoreServer.com), WWW, or use just about any Internet protocol available today. The board provides what is known as Serial-to-Ethernet and works by sending commands to it to communicate on a high-level protocol (no need to use a TCP/IP stack or other low-level software). Any software that supports Serial-to-Ethernet may be used.