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C64List 3.03 Is Available For Download

Lots of tweaks and fixes to help in your development



Me oh my, how time doth fly. It has now been a year since C64List added its Assembler. As the developer of C64List, I may be slightly biased, but this product has really simplified writing machine language programs for the C64. Over the past year, I've used C64List as a development tool quite a bit.

As a user, I found some issues and ways to improve the user experience, and since I know the developer rather well, I was able to get these improvements into the software! There aren't a whole lot of all-new features in this release, but there are a whole load of tweaks and fixes and the whole experience should now go more smoothly. For one, you'll notice that assembler error messages are now much better at pointing you to what you did wrong. Also more error message details were added in other areas.

Also added:

  • "hex" pseudo op that allows you to enter hex bytes like so:

hex 01 23 1b cd ef

  • "*" and "/" operators for use in assembly operands

  • "byte" and "word" pseudo ops can now list multiple values

  • -notbasic command line parameter prevents C64List from detokenizing asm-only code

  • You can also output all the BASIC labels you defined, as a list of {assign: lbl=ln} directives by adding the new -labels command line option.

More updates and tweaks to come. In the meantime, back to the assembly line, folks!

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radRick 8/7/2014

To make C64List easier to use, I did the following:

Create a directory such as: "C:\C64List"
and unzip C64List.zip here
Add "C:\C64List" to PATH environment variable
(I had to reboot for change to take effect)
Navigate to the folder C64List is in and
Create two text files named:

@echo OFF
C64List.exe %1 -prg -ovr -verbose

@echo OFF
C64List.exe %1 -txt -lbl -ovr -verbose

Right-click on each .bat file and "Create Shortcut"
Rename shortcuts to "Convert2PRG" & "Convert2TXT" if you want
Right-click on shortcuts and "Cut"
Paste shortcuts in "Send To" folder
(On my machine it's C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\SendTo)

Now, you can create projects in any folder;
and just Right-click on the .txt or .lbl files
and Convert2PRG
or Right-click on the .prg and Conve

C64List 8/7/2014

Thanks for the tips, Rick! I hadn't thought of using the SendTo folder for this--good idea :)

For Windows 7 users, Rick's tip works the same way, but the SendTo folder is harder to find. Look in: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\