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These are the ramblings of a happy Commodore computer user since 1983. I cover topics on both the C64 and C128, reviewing my favorite games and applications, as well as share some of my favorite memories from the 8-bit era. If you'd like to read more, you can visit my blog at: http://www.my64.in.nf


Nothing beats the stability of my good 'ol 64

Why can't they make modern computer components as good as they did back in the '80s?

Here it is, going on thirty years later and my Commodore 64 and associated peripherals are working just fine. Yet, here is my less than two year old hard drive (which was hosting my web page data), dead - along with all of the data upon it.

Unfortunately, it seemed to have died during the time when the weekly backup took place. Because my back-up files, on another hard drive, are unreadable - apparently lost. So, I guess I'm now forced to rebuild my web page content.

I can accept the fact that this would not necessarily be the case if I had a more fail-safe back-up routine. But what really bothers me is the quality (or lack there-of) of today's computer and electronic components these days. Not even two years old and this hard drive packs it in, for what ever reason. What nonsense. It wasn't even used all that much or was anywhere near capacity. You'd think after 30 years of advancement in technology they could make hard drives and other PC components that were more robust and reliable.

Fortunately it was just a bit of web content that I had stored on it - which is probably why I didn't back it up as often as our home network file server. But, I was just getting started with improvements to my C64 website.


Oh well, on-wards and up-wards. Until I get motivated enough to rebuild the site, I'll be making more use of my CommodoreServer account.

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Baracuda of Smash DS 6/19/2012

hi there,

as told before sharing rules and use more than one source to present your stuff.
Looking forward to see a rebuild or spread of your wares.. :)

judland 6/19/2012

Yup, you're right; multiple locations is good idea. I usually blog both here (CommodoreServer) and on my own site - so I have those updated. What I don't have are copies of my recent application reviews. I posted one for MultiPlan and was just about to complete two more. But, unfortunately, I didn't "cross-post" them.

Disk images, on the other hand, I keep on my private home file server and copies here, on CommodoreServer, so those are okay.