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Recovering a program using only our wits

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Here's how to get out of a jam when you have no toast!

This has been sitting in my draft queue for several months, may as well release it.

So I spent the night watching Mint (a recent addition to CommodoreServer) program a little map generator in VICE through TeamViewer. Everything was going hunky dory until she thought she saved the program to disk, and accidentally loaded the directory over the top of her program! Well, VICE's monitor is made for jams like this! She gave me control of the VICE session and I did a hex dump of her program, finding from the first 00 00 00 end-of-program mark (the end of the loaded directory) to the true end of her program, saved that to her disk image, lowercased the filename in Style's DirMaster (because VICE was throwing a fit over loading the uppercase filename), and she used Jeff Hoag's C64List to turn what was left of her program back into a text file! Turns out she'd only lost a few lines from the beginning! Hooray! I love it when a plan comes together.

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Hydrophilic 10/23/2014

Hello Pinacolda!

It's me, Hydro, from C128 forums! I *finally* signed up with commodoreserver.com just to respond to you.. yeah, you ARE special :)

Anyway, I don't know anything about Mint, but congrats on getting it work!

jwhoag 10/15/2018

Great save, Pina!