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My new netbook skin

I designed a new skin for my netbook. What do you think?

Now this is really going to p*ss-off that Apple ][ fanboy at the office when he sees this at our next department meeting! LOL

I designed it and uploaded it to cafepress.com.  Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  The sprite is from the game Space Taxi - one of my favorite games on my 64.  

Those ripples, by the way, are molded into the acer Aspire One's screen cover.  They actually seem to come through the skin quite nicely.

What do you think?

Netbook skin

The skin itself was more substantial than I expected. It's a thin layer of plastic (not paper), has a nice texture and was easy to apply.  

My only "beef" with CafePress is their shipping costs - I find them to be a little on the high side.  Other than that, they do a pretty good job.

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daytona400f 11/30/2011

"hey taxi!!!" :) that may have been the first game I ever heard digitized speech on. and it was rough... heh good job Judland!

judland 11/30/2011

"Thanks!", as the passenger says when exiting the space taxi. Yes, the voice synthesis was rough, but I never heard a character in a game talk to me before. So, it was pretty darn cool.