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happy holidays

Posted on 1/30/2012

mery christmas and a happy newyear from fritske ;)
(i know its a bit late but meh happy holidays anyway)

many thanks to Misser for making the tune playable and for converting my crappy basic code to assembly code

it was a close one this year as i didnt feel like doing one but iat the last on moment i decided to quickly do something small afterall.
wich didnt really workout as planned but thanks to misser it finaly worked.
so thanks to Misser for FIxing the code and converting my crappy basic code into assembly code.

i think i should really get to learning assembly ... someday :D

get the PRG here: http://fritske.servebeer.com:6660/random_files/Merryxmas2011-fritske.PRG

(i'll upload it on commodoreserver in the demo section too)

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