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1541 DOS Wedge Command Reference

For those of us who still enjoy working with original Commodore hardware, here is a list of commands for the DOS Wedge utility, which originally came bundled with the 1541 floppy drive.

Recently I came across an old notebook of mine, and inside were some notes I made regarding the 1541 DOS Wedge utility program.  This program came on a floppy disk, which was Commodore originally bundled with the 1541 floppy disk drive.

Although there are apps that you can use that make the task of managing the contents of your floppy disks a lot easier, I still remember using this program quite a bit as I just found it easier to load and use.

The DOS Wedge provided these shortcuts to the most popular disk tasks:

Command Description
/program Load a program
program Load and Run a program
> or @ Display current drive error status
>$ or @$ Display disk directory (without erasing program in RAM)
>N:diskname,id Format a new disk
>I Initialize (setup) new device
>V Validate a disk
>S:progname Scratch a program from disk
>R:newname=oldname Rename a program
>C:destprog=sourceprog Copy a program to a new program on the same disk


The disk image for the 1541 Demo Disk (which contains the DOS Wedge) can be found here.  I have also added this command reference to my CBM User's Guide here.

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