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Papadwight- OLD school Where a mans word is everthing. Commodore 64c with 64c backup and 128 backup, Comet 64-xm1541 cable 2-1541 drives-1-1541-2 and a 1571 and xp with c64 forever too, Working on commodore laptop. have old 1670 modem too, but don.t uses. Ase-Mechinic, Retired


Cold weather coming time to dust off my 64c

64c and flight simulators

   My 64c has only been used a little this summer to fly many of my flight simulators.  And of have a lot of them for the 64c.  I have show cased them on my RC plane blog some.  Many people were interested to see just how good they were way back when. Back in the 1980s and 1990s commodore 64 had a few of the best.  It also had many poor simulators out there for it.  It took many years and lots of computer to produce a better simulator.   AS windows got better and need more and more men and other parts and money to do the same thing.

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BroBryce 10/28/2013

Back in the early 90's I had a friend who was a Tri-Met bus driver here in PDX, and he was also a small plane private pilot. He took me up in a few Cessnas to enjoy life in the sky. I really loved it. I found out during discussions on the bus that he'd learned to fly by using Flight Simulator II on the C64. No joke. Great program, even by today's standards.