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Flagging Comet64 friendly games in my reviews

As an extra feature of the game reviews I do, I have decided to start flagging those that can be used with the Comet64 and loaded from the CommodoreServer on-line disk server

As I was going through my collection of floppy disks, uploading them posterity to my CS on-line account, I thought that it would be nice to know which games I had that actually worked with my Comet64 and CS.  Then I thought, why not include this information in my game reviews on my website, as well?  Maybe if I talked about CS and the Comet64 a bit more on my site, the few people in the world who actually visit my Commodore blog might be tempted to give CommodoreServer a try for themselves.

So, I've been going through my past game reviews and flagging those with a Comet64 logo to identify them as "Comet64 Friendly".  I hope Goog doesnt' mnd me borrowing his Comet64 logo for this.

If you happen to visit my site and read my game reviews, if you see this logo, you know that the game will LOAD and RUN just fine from your CommodoreServer account with a simple LOAD"gamename",2

Comet64 Friendly

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