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Just solder the kit and my commodore 64 is at "LOAD "!",2 and stuck there now. I did the update and the login. Maybe my pin is not right. Not sure.


It works. Can't have JiffyDOS running.


I solder the kit together today. Put it on my commodore 128 in 64 mode. I have JiffyDOS on it. But it don't work with JiffyDOS! I thought something was wrong with the kit first.

But with out jiffyDOS the log in came back saying I was on. That's good. Before with JiffyDOS it just came right back to the ready.

Tested running SNOOPY.C3 from GAMES-III.D64 it worked.

The kit came fast in 3 days when I paid for it with paypal. Thursday to Saturday when I got it. I had to go to work when I got the mail.

In the morning today on Sunday I solder the kit together.

This is neat. Will have to test and use it more now.

I guess this will work with Q-Link but would have to set it up some how 1st I guess.

It's Sunday 10/31/2010 at 7:52 AM my time here.

-Raymond Day

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