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The days when computers were mysterious things

One of the things that got me interested in computers, back in the '80s, was the mystery that surrounded them at the time. If you wanted to use a computer back then, you really had to work at learning how to use them.

Growning up in the town that I did, it wasn't easy finding information about computers back then.  Not many people knew much (if anything) about them - not many schools or offices even had a computer.

But, fortunately for me, there was an education T.V. program that was produced on TVOntario, a public broadcasting station based in Toronto.  The program was called "Bits and Bytes" and it was a huge resource for me, as I tried to learn all I could about these wonderful things called micro-computers.

If you'd like a watch a blast from the past, check out this clip:

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daytona400f 10/30/2011

Love the video! no one in my town really knew much about programming. And obtaining information was very hard. There was no Google. Back in those days, as odd as it seems now, everyone didn't own a computer. In fact, hardly anyone did! It was a 'cult' type thing.. i was trying to explain to my kid (she is 14), who has been using a mouse since she was 2, that You Tube didn't always exist. When I was a kid, joysticks only had 1 button, and it was FIRE! lol ... of course, she thinks I'm a relic. that's ok tho... :D

judland 10/31/2011

I know what you mean. In all of my high-school years, I can only think of maybe six or seven people who had PCs at home. Only four of them I knew to be Commodore 64 owners.

Goog 11/1/2011

That is one cheesy video, but I love it - thanks for sharing. Early computing is so much fun to watch!!!

judland 11/1/2011

Yup... cheesy. Classic ;o) I really like taking a look back to the "golden age", too (as you can tell).

aylesburytim 9/17/2012

In the UK we had a couple of computer related T.V Series which you can view on You Tube.
They capture the excitement and new technology of the period.

1. Making The Most of the Micro
2. The Computer Programme

One great T.V Series from the USA was The Computer Chronicles.

I have most of the above episodes stored on my computer. I am now going to check out
"Bits and Bytes" Thanks.