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FTP Zmodem

From the C64 using Novaterm, connected to Lantronix device, I can ftpget a file from the Internet, and Zmodem it to myself. All from the uClinux command line. 

A simple shell script should be able to combine those 2 tasks into one. its a fairly straight forward process and works perfectly.

1541<--->64 (Novaterm)<--->uClinx Console (Zmodem/FTP)<--->Internet

From the command line, it looks something like this

ftpget <ip> filename.ext    (get file from internet, save on local device)
sz filename.ext                (Send Zmodem from device to your 64; Novaterm jumps into Zmodem recieve)

C64 files (disks) are tiny. I'm working with <3megs free on the Matchport AR. The shell script will have to kill the files immedietly afterwards. Another option would be a download directory located on another computer using SMB or NFS. Somewhat of a pain tho for most users.


Generally, TCPSer seems to run well. I need an AT command to exit the program. Have to dig around init.c a little more. Also need to figure out why it appears 5 times from 'ps', if ran from INITTAB. 

however, I do have a cartidge sized AT modem, and Internet file grabber! smiley

Need to figure out a way to get my 64's 6551 (Swiftlink) 5V TTL UART to talk to a 3.3v CMOS UART. Currently everything is strung through RS232 cables and MAX232s. Suggestions welcome!

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