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Things you can do with the comet64


Can you run a bbs with comet64


I was just wondering if you can run a bbs with this and bbs server on a PC??



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polluks 4/16/2011

You can http://comm64.blogspot.com/2011/02/connecting-comet64-to-telnet-bbss-c64.html

geneb 4/21/2011

If the Comet64 brings up the DCD line when an inbound telnet connection happens, it just might work. Give it a shot! :)


ChrisNJ 5/14/2011

Well I finely got the unit assembled and it was fun I had not done this stuff in awhile and I only made 1 bridge so I finished it and went back to remove the bridge..
Now 2 weeks later I finely tested it and wow I was surprised it worked no resoldering to be done connected to the server and it worked now I have to mess with the programing to connect to bbs's then move onto getting color64 to work with it..
Also to all the programers out there maybe you guys could rewrite some of the old terminal programs to work with comet64 also maybe novaterm 128..
Heck any support for 128 mode would be great..


Goog 5/18/2011

Yeah, some C128 software would be great. In due time... I'd like to see V-1541 for the 128 first. Then that might get the ball rolling.