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Q. What Commodore computers can I use to access my account?

A. Any Commodore computer can access the service, but you need the right software for your type of computer. Currently, there are only a limited number of titles, mainly for the Commodore 64. If you write software, we encourage you to develop software for any Commodore platform using the CommodoreServer Internet Protocol (CSIP). Look for blog entries on this topic for more information.

Q. Can I download games?

A. Yes, CommodoreServer.com allows you to upload any d64 disk image you have and download games directly to your Commodore computer.

Q. Why do some games freeze up or spin my disk drive when loading a game with V-1541?

A. Some games (as well as other software) try to load additional programs or files. Currently, the V-1541 program is unable to support programs that attempt to load additional files. This is something that will be addressed in a future release.

Q. When I LOAD a program, garbage flys across the top of my screen. What is happening?

A. Since a program can live just about anywhere in the Commodore, the V-1541 must be able to receive data to a buffer without destroying the program you are loading. The V-1541 uses the screen as a temporary storage place to receive the incoming data. As data comes in, it places it to the next slot in the receive buffer which is the next character in line on the screen. After 256 characters come in, the process starts over again until the program has loaded. Future versions of V-1541 will likely skip this process and just put data to its correct location as it comes in rather than using the receive buffer.