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IEC Port Expander - Front

I picked up this beauty at ECCC. This is a port expander for the IEC Bus - it has one input for a Commodore computer and can control up to four other IEC devices (such as disk drives, printer, uIEC, etc.). The first switch turns on/off burst mode and controls the input reset. You can turn on / off the ATN/RST of any of the four devices with the other four switches. The push button resets the devices which are on. See the next picture for the back.

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wizardnj 9/27/2012

Damn I want one of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goog 9/27/2012

I also increased the size of comments and put a character counter - sorry it cut off everyone's comments.

Goog 9/27/2012

I updated the description. Thanks for the clarification Thumper!

Thumper 9/27/2012

The next four switches switch the ATN line and Reset of there respective ports. I have not tried connecting 4 computers to to the ports and a drive to the Input and don't have 4 to test that either.

Thumper 9/27/2012

Input is intended to be from any Commodore computer IEC. The output ported devices can be disk drives, uIEC drives or printers. The first switch on the left switches the Burst mode or Fast mode and the input reset On or Off. The next for switches switc

judland 9/26/2012

Ah... I get it now.

Goog 9/26/2012

I guess it wasn't very clear. I updated the description. But to answer your comment, you plug the C64 into the input and the output devices are disk drives, etc. This gives you greater control over the devices on the bus so you can, for example, have tw

judland 9/26/2012

Cool! One input and four output ports. Does that mean you would use this to connect one floppy drive (for example) to four C64s?