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CometBBS in Action

This picture shows the CometBBS hooked up to the C64 via an RS-232 cable, which is connected to a SwiftLink. The software running is NovaTerm 9.6, and a remote caller was chatting with me. The CometBBS is running stand-alone (note it is powered by USB), accepting input from the on-board DE-9 connector which is hooked up to a mini RS-232 breakout box to show line status.

The remote caller called in from a C64 over the Internet while my terminal program showed RING...RING. I typed ATA and then we were chatting immediately.

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alterus 6/29/2015

Great to see it in action! The obvious question: when will it be available? Also, will it support the 9600 baud mode when connected to the userport? When using the IEC port, does it appear as drive 8 for netbooting programs? I'm thinking this could be very useful for running a bbs and having all the files on a remote server.