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the "Web.IT" "internet computer"

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Nostromo 12/12/2014

Nostromo 12/12/2014

Over the years there have been numerous attempts to cash-in or resurrect the "commodore 64" name, none of them very successful. The Web-It commodore 64 came with emulation software that couldn't even run c64 titles at the same speed as the original c64! We've had the web-it, the (decent) c64DTV, the Commodore Gaming range and the scandalously expensive Barry Altman c64x. Soon, I hope, the mostly unheard of "C64 Reloaded" will go into production. Promising to be a real c64 with original chipsets, modern video output and the reassurance of a brand new mobo it has to be good news. Emulation is great, but for the feel and sound nothing comes close to a badly moulded beige breadbin with earth coloured keys and a buzzing psu sprawled across a desk.