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My modern System Running first thing I ran on C=64

So this is my crazy modern system running the first prg I ever ran on the commodore 64. It was the Christmas DEMO by commodore that shows what all it can do and the price$595. This is the DEMO running at Sears when i talked my grandmother into buying it for me. It played Christian songs so she was sold. haha My modern system is a i7-2700k 3.8GHz 16 GB Ram GeForce GTX 1070 which is 6in off the board with a ribbon cable to lessen the heat. Fans slowly change colors. Dual 27" Monitors.

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GaInGrEEn 5/22/2017

so not all info would fit in original comment. Keyboard is a G19s which will show you CPU usage and DFO: info when running amiga emu. I have a Xbox S limited Gears of War 2TB limited edition. Playstation PRO also. I use a HDMI switch to play them on the main monitor. Boston Acoustic sound system from like 2001. Still best speakers system I have found for PC.