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VICE 128 Keyboard Map

A friend sent this to me... thought it would be useful here for quick reference.

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Goog 10/16/2020

@PanzerFaustNL looks like the delete key

PanzerFaustNL 10/16/2020

Anyone an idea how to type the ^ in the x128 emulator?

daytona400f 11/30/2011

rumor has it CS Chat-users may need this shortly. ;-) thanks for posting! I've been using the TXT file that comes with VICE128, or the hunt-n-peck method for the last year. I'm going to make this my wallpaper!

Goog 11/29/2011

Also to note: getting into 80-col. mode in VICE: F1 then X (which you'll see is the 128's ESC X, while the PC's Escape key is mapped to RUN/STOP).

judland 11/29/2011

Very useful. Thanks! I've filed it away for future reference.