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C64 Reloaded

I have been waiting for this for about a year, arriving just this morning. It's a full re-implementation of the C64, blending old commodore chips with new supporting hardware. I will be building it soon

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alterus 6/9/2015

This past Saturday night, just before I went to bed, I checked out the icomp.de store and lo and behold, the c64 reloaded was back in stock! I ordered a couple but soon afterwards they store was out of stock again. I got lucky!

Pinacolada 6/8/2015

That's cool - let us know how the build goes!

Nostromo 6/3/2015

@ alterus, it was the same story for me. My wife and I sat and waited for the launch, then tried and tried to buy one. It worked once for my wife, everytime I clicked the pay button I got "this page cannot be displayed". As for the kickstarter cases I would love one, or two or maybe more. I have an image of a C64 in plus/4 colours in my head... dark grey case and white keys.

alterus 6/2/2015

Awesome! Where is it going to live? One of the new kickstarter cases? I tried and tried to get one during the first wave of sales.... 5 hours trying to make it through the checkout and finally got an error.... Hope I have more luck next time! Glad to see you got yours!