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Commodore SX-64 Party at Starbucks

In celebration of the Commodore SX-64 turning 30, PDXCUG and PSCUG met jointly at Starbucks.

We had a total of 11 SX-64s and 17 people that day. Good times.

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Goog 1/21/2013

Correct. Comet doesn't use that line at all, so there is no worry of using it without modifying your SX first. I just looked at mine and it was NOT modified and I've been using the Comet64 on it for a couple of years now. I DID modify it today while looking, however :) FYI, here is the SX modification information, from Ray Carlsen's site: http://personalpages.tds.net/~rcarlsen/cbm/sx64/sx64.txt and the photo: http://personalpages.tds.net/~rcarlsen/cbm/sx64/PHOTOS/gnd-cut.jpg

jbevren 1/21/2013

The comets don't use 9vac, so the mod (or lack of) shouldn't affect the comet. I haven't tried mine, but I'm sure Goog will chime in later on. :)

TIhde 1/21/2013

Looks like fun was had! Do those SX-64's all have the user port mod? I won't plug my Comet into my SX until I get a chance to cut that trace...