• Secret Missions

  • by AgentFriday

I guess my greatest goal in retrocomputing is to show what the C64 could have been if things were done differently. I try to tackle some of the technical problems that tend to get in the way of people accomplishing more. Some of my ongoing projects are: * modBASIC (a basic extension adding some features of modular programming) * easyDisk (a driver that lets you use an Easy Flash cart as a disk drive) * API Framework (a way to load modular drivers anywhere in memory) * Annotated ROM Disassembly


Introducing modBASIC

BASIC just got a little less lame... This light-weight BASIC extensions lets you pass parameters and use local variables. Read more...


UN-NEW: This Is Not New

Lately I've been playing with the inner workings of BASIC, and it struck me to try to revive a program I accidentally killed. This is certainly no news flash, and my solution is probably not the shortest, but hopefully it's interesting.

I came up with two BASIC one-liners that can get a lost program back in pristine condition, from immediate mode. Here I explain my solution and get into some of the details of how BASIC works, including some handy tricks.