• Secret Missions

  • by AgentFriday

I guess my greatest goal in retrocomputing is to show what the C64 could have been if things were done differently. I try to tackle some of the technical problems that tend to get in the way of people accomplishing more. Some of my ongoing projects are: * modBASIC (a basic extension adding some features of modular programming) * easyDisk (a driver that lets you use an Easy Flash cart as a disk drive) * API Framework (a way to load modular drivers anywhere in memory) * Annotated ROM Disassembly


Introducing modBASIC

BASIC just got a little less lame... This light-weight BASIC extensions lets you pass parameters and use local variables. Read more...


Direct Drive-to-Drive Copy <part 1>

Commodore's serial bus protocol (a.k.a. IEC bus) seems to be designed in such a way that you could easily tell one drive to send data directly to another, taking the C64 out of the picture. Here I explore that idea. Read more...


Welcome to My Blog

In my first post of randomish thoughts, I introduce myself and my new Category, RND(0). Check it out, and stay tuned... Read more...


UN-NEW: This Is Not New

Lately I've been playing with the inner workings of BASIC, and it struck me to try to revive a program I accidentally killed. This is certainly no news flash, and my solution is probably not the shortest, but hopefully it's interesting.

I came up with two BASIC one-liners that can get a lost program back in pristine condition, from immediate mode. Here I explain my solution and get into some of the details of how BASIC works, including some handy tricks.



External Keyboards (for SX-64 and 128D)

What exactly is the keyboard interface for Commodore's detached keyboards? Did they essentially take the keyboard out, give it its own case, and lengthen the cable? Or is there something more devious going on?



Ode to Joy... sticks

Have you ever played a flight simulator or a racing game on a Commodore 64? Have you noticed how difficult it is to make delicate adjustments to your course using a digital joystick? Well I say it's about time that we brought the C-64 into the analog age. Read more...