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Commodore-related Blogs from registered bloggers at CommodoreServer.com

13th Floor BBS

by HoyBrothers

Memories and archives of Nashville's C64 BBS scene

All sorts of Commodore...

by gencom64

I am just starting a quick blog to show my express interest in Commodore computers. I, like most others on here, have grown to a strong affinity towards the Commodore 64 and it's plethora of add-ons, accessories, software, and strong follower community. In my opinion, there is no better space decorated than one that shows the mystique of Commodore computers. In my current webpage blog I am tackling repairs to an MSD SD-2 disk drive. I've been using the Commodore Server's chat using my Comet64 modem on my C128D. http://gencom64.blogspot.com More updates to come...

CommodoreServer.com Official Blog

by CommodoreServer.com

Articles and information on Internet-enabling your Commodore 64 Computer.

Dave's Blog

by DarkDave

I will post updates to this blog about my current projects.

Digital Steve's Commodore Attic

by DigitalSteve

All things Commodore hardware and software collecting. Including Vic 20, Commodore 64/128, Commodore 16/Plus4, and all thing Amiga including the Toaster.

iMatt73 Commodore blog

by iMatt73

Commodore fan


by magicaros

Commodore computers where humanly understandable in their whole, who today still know his computer as intimately as we know our commies? That's why i love C= ! beside Retro is the new hype :p

Jbev's random shi^H^H^H stuff

by jbevren

Stuff I rant on, often technical, sometimes short-sighted political stuff too



PDXCUG (Portland Commodore Users Group) is a special interest group of fun-loving retro-computing and Commodore computer enthusiasts who meet every 2nd Thursday of the month. We have an interest in Commodore 64, Vic-20, Commodore 128, Commodore SX-64, Amiga, and all Commodore computers, software and peripherals. If you are in the Portland, OR (USA) area, please join us.


by Tommes

Things related to Commodore computers.

Research Center for Advanced Commodore Study

by HowlinAl

Making Tomorrows World Better With Yesterdays Technology Today


by yoshi

i am exited to be working on the first multiplayer RPG for the commodore 64, if you don't know what i'm doing, i'm making the pixel art / sprites for the game. so far i have 46 sprites and counting, i will probably keep up major news about the game, update the picture at the end of each day to see my latest sprites. also i'm just a kid >:D

Sean's Commodore blog

by SeanS

C64 fan from Australia


by spylovers


The Questarian

by Questarian

The Questarian's Retro Ramblings on the Late Great C-128!...well, that and the C-64, C-16, +4, Pet, or anything that carried that sexy blue and red logo... and it's not a "chicken head"!

the Young Kid who loves Old Computers

by C64Lover1

I am 14 years old and i love old commodore computers, i have a VIC 20, a C64, a C128 and a C128DCR and i love playing around in BASIC and ML code :)


by yamo

Yamo's blog - remember Yamo from Bruce Lee? That's me. I love all Commodore things and hope to talk about them here in my new blog space.