Multi-Player Games

CommodoreServer makes it easy to create multi-player, online games like Group Zork using any Commodore with any Internet device.

Multi-player. Multi-platform. Multi-NIC.

Mega 1541

Access 10 drives at once. Drives 0: thru 9: with this awesome new CommodoreServer Upgrade.

New Internet Modems

New Internet modems have arrived! Using an Internet modem, you can access the Internet from your Commodore 64 with software you download here.

Commodore Does Virtual

It's time to virtualize your disk collection - upload your D64's and manipulate disks virtually using V-1541.

D64 Disk Management for your Commodore Computer

Never before has there been an Internet-based disk management system and software download center for Commodore computers!

  • Upload D64 and Other Disk Images

    Once you upload your disks, you can modify your directory contents, copy files from one disk to another, add SEQ files by typing text, and more.

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  • Add PRG and SEQ Files

    If you have a PRG file that you want to add to an existing disk, just open the disk and upload the PRG file. CommodoreServer takes care of putting it on the disk properly.

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  • Access Disks from Your Commodore 64

    The best part - using our Commodore Internet Modems and Virtual 1541 Software, you can access any of your stored disk images right from your Commodore 64 computer!

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A Centralized Place for All Things Commodore

CommodoreServer is what Commodore computers have been missing for the last three decades. It is the newest, greatest way to look for new games, store your disks, and get your products sold. It's like an app store, but for Commodore computers. Plus, with the ability for your Commodore computer to access the Internet, it provides a single place for socializing and sharing with your friends, downloading software, blogging, and more.

Commodore 64 Files at Your Fingertips

It's never been easier to access your Commodore disks. Simply upload your disk images and you can sort, navigate, change directory contents, add files, view the BAM, edit BASIC files, add new PRG or SEQ files, disassemble, compile and create PRG files from assembly code, and more from your Internet browser or C64!

Once you have disk images uploaded, you can access them from your Commodore 64 computer. Using our free V-1541 software, you can browse your disks, download files, copy disks to a floppy, and load games or other programs right off the Internet.

  • Thank you for the User port to Ethernet it works very good. I tested the RS-232 on it and it works very good too.
    - RD
  • Thanks, I really appreciate the good communication and service.
    - CB
  • ...I was amazed to find this site, and that there was custom hardware to connect ethernet to the C=64... I was so surprised that I ended up visiting the Commodore Vegas Expo ... to see this system demoed live!
    - Dave
  • Solid hardware, solid design and easy to program. Up and running in minutes.
    -Cameron Kaiser
  • Great buy - fast shipping!
  • Awesome!!! Service and Product!
  • Freakin cool idea!
    -Chris (sent via email)
  • Loading games from the Internet is so cool.
  • I used to use StarCommander, but that was buggy. This is so much nicer!
  • Thanks, guys - you did a great job.
  • I love this site! It's the coolest and best way to keep my disks organized.
  • Now I have a way to sell my homebrew software.
  • This is the easiest way I know to get data in and out of my C64.
  • I'm using the modem with my SX-64. Now I have all of my files at my fingertips.

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