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As good as gold to some

When I was in high-school, floppy disks were an important commodity in the economy of the typical computer user.


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judland 11/18/2011

Notice that I wasted very little disk space as I soon learned that I could double the storage of each floppy by notching the opposite edge of the disk. No handy hole-punch or notching tool for me - a simple x-acto knife worked for me.

judland 11/18/2011

" ....now were did i put my checking spreadsheet disk...?" It is now full of BBS downloaded files. Ah... the good ol' days.

daytona400f 11/18/2011

I used to let kids in the neighborhood ride my go-cart in exchange for Floppy disks. I'm assuming they were taking their parents floppy disks! (ack!) ....now were did i put my checking spreadsheet disk...? :O