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The Under-Rated C128

I was working on a new review for the site (on a database application for the C128) and I have to say that the C128 has to be one of the most under rated and under appreciated PCs of the 8-bit era. Read more...


Breathing life into my 1986 BBS system

Its been way to many years since I had a look at the backup's I made of my BBS system way back in 1986. Here is what I found. Read more...


Favorite Time Wasters

I probably spent more time than I should have, playing games on my C64 in my youth (and afterwards as a adult, if I'm being completely honest). But this is a short list of some of my favorite non-arcade type games that took more of my attention than others and bring back good memories when ever I play them. Read more...


Commodore Kermit

No, Jim Henson's favorite Muppet did not just join the Navy! Read about one of Dr. Evil Labs' first forays into software engineering and distribution. Read more...


The C64 Underground of the 1980s

With no such thing as the Internet and access to very few places that sold C64 software - not that I had the cash to buy it in the first place - what was a teenager to do in the mid-eighties? Read more...


The days when computers were mysterious things

One of the things that got me interested in computers, back in the '80s, was the mystery that surrounded them at the time. If you wanted to use a computer back then, you really had to work at learning how to use them. Read more...


A short introduction

Being new to the Commodore Server scene, I thought I'd post a short introduction. Read more...