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Head On Game

I made this BASIC game to submit to Compute!'s Gazette in 1984. Sadly, I never sent it in. But now, ~30 years later, you can play this 2-player action game against an online opponent on CommodoreServer. Read more...


Favorite Time Wasters

I probably spent more time than I should have, playing games on my C64 in my youth (and afterwards as a adult, if I'm being completely honest). But this is a short list of some of my favorite non-arcade type games that took more of my attention than others and bring back good memories when ever I play them. Read more...


Bruce Lee Game

I uploaded Bruce Lee in the games folder. It just needed to be there. Read more...


Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a really great game and the inspiration for my name, Yamo. Read more...


Group Zork, a Multi-Player Experience

Remember when you played Zork with a room full of friends watching and telling you what to do? That is the experience that Group Zork aims to duplicate - except with online friends watching the game you are playing and chatting with you and others at the same time. Read more...


Halloween Games for Your Commodore 64

Check out this list of cool games for October - the Portland Commodore Users Group has a list of the greatest Halloween games to try out to get you into the mood. Read more...