• GEOS/ Wheels

  • by t_raymond

Im needing to find someone that has a *LOT* of experience with: Machine Language and GEOS/Wheels programming. Im new to both ML and the above and need some help, just reading the Geos programmers reference manual does not help a beginner, because they already assume your well versed in GEOS routines, and they barely ever do supply what opp codes to use etc. I do have most of the Geoprogrammist articles which are helpful, but that was at a time before Wheels and Concept were even written, but the articles do help in some area's. And I found what Commodore World issues I didnt have on bombjack.org. The Geoprogrammer manual is a good book and partly helpful, but as usual its all about having the know how which I know I dont have, and I know now I bit off more than I can chew, both with ML and GEOS coding. wow its a deep language! I would like to make my application available because its both useful and entertaining, and something that is awesome that has never been tried in either GEOS or Wheels. If I cant find any help then this application may never be finished. My last helper it seems has lost interest and that is too bad, but he has coded a lot of GEOS and Wheels apps, but that individual helped this application to a few good Beta versions. At least proving what I want to do will work in Wheels at least because it handles its memory better than GEOS does. If anyone is serious about this please drop me an email at: traymond20@gmail.com Thank you.

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