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A Comet64 Command Reference Chart

I'm working on a Command Reference Chart, for the Comet64 and V-1541, and am wondering if there are any commands that I am missing.

Last year, I happened to discover that a Commodore website that I used to frequently visit, the Commodore Programmer Wiki, was shut down.  It appeared as though the service provider that hosted the site no longer provided free user accounts, which resulted in the Wiki being shut down.

I really thought that the Wiki was a great resource for those trying to write programs for the Commodore 64 and 128.  So, I attempted to track down and contact the original owner of the Wiki, so I could preserve the data and perhaps move the content to my own domain.  Thankfully, I was able to do just that and Scott, the Wiki's original owner, handed over the reigns to me.  He just didn't have the time to maintain the site any longer.

For the past several months, when ever I had spare time, I've been reconstructing the Wiki on my own domain, under the URL http://cbmuserguide.chorusgrove.com.  It's been a slow process, but I am making progress.  In addition to the programming references that were originally contained on the Wiki, I thought it to be a good idea to expand the scope of the project, to include general user tips and tricks, as well.  I'd also like to expand even further and add information for all Commodore computers and peripherals.  But, one hurdle at a time. wink

One of the sections I wanted to include were command references for the Comet64 and V-1541.  So, I've added those sections to the User Guide, here.

I was wondering, are there any commands that I've missed, which should be included in the guide?

I'm also working on one for the Retroswitch Flyer, as well.  That reference guide is here.

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