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Game Review: Organism by Psytronik

Psytronik has been pretty busy, this first half of 2018. In this review, I take a look at their most recent release, Organism, by Trevor Storey & Achim Volkers.

In this game, your mission is to contain the spread of a dangerous alien organism by setting the self-destruct mechanism of the ill fated space vessel, the Heracles, and get aboard an escape pod for pick-up by “the company”. Sounds familiar? Well, it's really no secret that this a shoot-em-up adventure game based on the movie, Aliens.

The object of the game is to explore the eleven decks and dozens of rooms and corridors of the Heracles, collecting dog tags of your fallen crew members, as well as gather data from the ship's terminals to find out what caused the disaster on-board. In order to access the terminals, you need to find data disks, which you use to activate the terminals. You also need to find access cards, which allow you to enter sections of the ship that have been otherwise sealed off.

Along your adventure, you may also discover weapon upgrades to help you fight off the onslaught of never-ending waves of alien organisms. These organisms come in three forms, the spider-like “face huggers”, the adult alien soldier drone, and infected former crew members. The face huggers are fast moving, and if they grab a-hold of you, you need to do some fancy footwork to shake them off of you, before they sap all of your health. However, they are the easiest to kill, relatively speaking.

The soldier drones can do a lot of damage and are more difficult to dispatch without upgrades to your rifle. The drones have different strength levels, depicted by their coloring. The lower you venture into the ship, the more difficult these drones become. Weapon upgrades are definitely required in order to survive the deeper you go into the ship.

Then there's the infected crew members, which you must encounter, if you are to collect their dog tags. They are not too difficult to kill, but they move quickly and are usually found in very confined quarters. Thankfully, though, after they have been killed, they usually drop health packs to help you regain your strength.

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