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World's Greatest Menu

Put WGM at the top of your disk directory for a good-looking way to browse your programs!



We've all seen menu programs. Put it as the first program on your floppy disk, then when you LOAD"*",8 and RUN you get a nice formatted list of the disks contents for you to select from. Some of these menus will read the disk directory, some use DATA statements, some read menu selections from a seperate file.

WGM reads the disk directory and presents a scrolling menu of the disk contents to choose from. The program supports a 1351 mouse in port 1, a joystick in port 2, or, of course, the keyboard.

If you have a Loadstar-style text document with a "T." prefix on the filename, WGM will display it with its built in text reader.

WGM will play SID songs! If you have a SID music file, prefix the filename with a "M." and WGM will play it.

The D64 of WGM can be found in the Public Disks area, in the Utility section. You can also download it directly HERE.

Included on the disk is a help file. This is a Loadstar text file as mentioned above. Click it to read the file. I also included a SID music file to get you started. Tell me what you think!


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core 10/24/2012

Very nice!