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It all started with deciding to try an Amiga again. Now I'm getting back into the C=64 and Vic-20. Multitasking is great, but there's a charm in using a machine that focuses on one task and does it right. Let's see, I have an Amiga 2000, Commodore 64, and Vic-20. Now I have to figure out what to do with them. This Ethernet modem thingy seems to be a good place to start.


It's All Here

The Vic, the 64 and the Amiga 2000 get hooked up. An Amiga 1200 is on it's way.

Since the last post, I got another VIC-20 with a power supply that works with the C-64.  Upon trying the C-64 with said power supply, I was pleasantly surprised that it functions fine. 

I got ten VIC cartridges, kickstart 3.1 ROM for the Amiga, and picked up three joysticks, none of which worked, but I did put two together to get a working one.  A real joystick is also in the mail.

The Amiga is currently hooked up to my PC using serial modem cable and Amiga Explorer, and it is in the process of making workbench 3.1 with some of the 50 DSDD 3.5" floppies I picked up.  I also made a point of removing the old NiCad battery on the motherboard, which is notorious for leaking and causing failure of the board and nearby chips.

I have a 1541 floppy on it's way which I intend to salvage for parts to make a working unit.  I curently have an old school brown 1541 with power issues, but with a good drive.  The drive in the mail is a 1541C model, which may or may not work (has head knock).  I figure with a bit of luck. I may have a functioning unit, with some playing.

Finally. I picked up a small Zenith TV with composite input for use with the breadboard Commodores.  With the A/V cables I made, they work as good as they were intended.

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