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CommodoreServer Search Function

Searching disk content is one of the features that makes CommodoreServer stand out from other similar on-line storage providers.

One of the features that makes CommodoreServer stand out from other on-line storage providers (at least for me) is the ability to search the contents of my .D64 images, rather than just the file name of the image, itself.

In this short video I demonstrate how I use the search functionality of CommodoreServer on my collection of disk images I've uploaded to my storage space.

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Baracuda of Smash DS 6/7/2012

Dear judland,

take a closer look here:

this helps you to find filenames at disks also..
Have fun and enjoy a new world. :)

judland 6/7/2012

Thanks! I'll be sure to look into that.

judland 6/7/2012

I don't want to offend anyone, but out of curiosity, I gave cbm8bit a try. My oh my, I did not like the interface at all.

Although I saw that you could search contents of disk images, I could not find out how to just search MY collection of disk images. When I tried to search for a file on a disk, it searched a bunch of on-line databases - and boy did I find it confusing.

Oh well. I suppose it's a great resource if you're looking for the type of service cbm8bit is providing. But, as a service to organize my own collection of disk images, I have yet to find a service that beats CommodoreServer.

Thanks for the suggestion, though, Baracuda. I didn't know about cbm8bit before - now I do! :)

Baracuda of Smash DS 6/12/2012

You can find your own collection if you began to share the collection. :)
Of course to organize your own collection of disk images now here only CommodoreServer can find your files.
But what when cs dies ? SHARE and offer your stuff to min. 2 different sources.
This must not be cbm8bit as there are a lot of sources around where you can share them.
I'm interested also in transfered disks. :)

judland 6/14/2012

Ah, thanks for the tip! I didn't know that. Good point, too, about distributing in more than one location.

judland 6/14/2012

Follow up: I went looking in my cloud account but could not find any sort of settings that allowed me to "share" my collection. All I could find was a place to change the "Theme". Where can I set my cbm8bit account to "share"?

c64web 9/8/2012

The Cloud service on cbm8bit.com is not as refined "feature rich" as CommodoreServer, it's more of a place to store files to use with your internet connected C= 8bit or to link your Commodore 8bit content to use on your favorite forum without the spam/popups associated with the popular file bins. There is work going on to add more features to the "Cloud" service and some have been added since your post, but it's not the primary project hosted there. The disk image collections your looking at are not part of the Cloud service on cbm8bit or even hosted on the Cloud, their put together by others from large private disk collections and were recently made search-able by popular requests along with many other scene features! most of these disk image collections are hosted on http://scenebase.org/collections/c64/sets/

If your looking for a place to maintain and "manipulate" a private collection of disk images online CommodoreServer.com is that place.