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Greatings and Salutations! (Updated)

So many questions, so little baud :)

Hi Ya'll!

Well, just received my Comet64, and being the newbie I have  the requisite dozen questions:

  • In keeping with my general philosophy of “if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing!” I got the Comet64 with the RS-232 port... which now leaves me asking what exactly is that RS-232 port for?
    ANSWER:  It is a User-to RS-232 Port converter for the Commodore side.

  • What do the four jumpers on the Comet64 control? (DTR, CTS?)
    ANSWER: they control whether the User port is connected to the RS-232 or Serial-to-IP adapter.

  • There's a set of pads labeled “C64 Reset”.. is it implemented and can I throw a switch on the board?
    ANSWER: Yes

  • One of my big rules with these type of bare-board peripherals is “hey captain static, put it in a housing before you blow the RAM (again) or something!”...any casing suggestions?
    ANSWER: With modifications the Comet64 will fit in a standard C-64 cartridge. All thing concidered, I didn't have too hard a time.  I used an old surplus Commodore game cartridge casing and part of a plastic lamp assembly form Radio Shack to channel the LED light rather then mod the LED on the board.  Beyond cutting holes for the ports, Connection LED, reset button, and jumpers, the I had to trim a few longer pins on the bottom of the board, and shallow out the plastic over the Ethernet jack. Details to follow.

  • The setup guide talks about an upgrade from 2400 to 38K baud in V-1541 and and update program (“UPDATER” ironical enough :)) and as I'll be using the Comet64 on everything from a VIC-20 to a Plus, the question is if there any reason I shouldn't do the update?... I'm assuming it's just changing the baud setting on the WIZ100SR so at worst all I'd have to do is manually change it back.
    ANSWER:  The updater is simply changing the default setting on the WIZ100SR on the Comet64.  The only negitive side is that you will not be able to communicate with your Commodore computer (Vic 20, C64, 128, +4, etc)  without a driver for the 38k rate.   Fortunately, this can easily be changed changed back either manually from a terminal session or by using the Wiznet configuration tool.

  • The firmware on the WIZ100SR is upgradable from the WIZ1xxSR Configuration Tool... In terms of the Comet64, V-1541, or usage on C= machines, good or bad idea?
    ANSWER: So far it sounds like a Yes,  but with caution.  It's probably best to stick with the Comet64 tested versions.

  • I'm going to be doing quite a bit of programming for the Comet64, and I think I've got a basic handle on the WIZ100SR and “Client” mode, but I was wondering if had anyone's played around with “Server” or “Mixed” modes?
    ANSWER: Still a work in progress.

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judland 7/9/2012

Welcome, Questarian!

These are all excellent technical questions. Unfortunately, I'm just a lowly user and not very knowledgeable of such things. All I can tell you is that I've upgraded my Comet64 to 38K baud and I've had no difficulties with it on my C64, C64C or C128.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Comet64.

- David.

judland 7/13/2012

There you go, at the PDXCUG monthly meeting last night I asked what one typically does with an RS-232 port on C64. The response was, usually it's used to connect the C64 to a PC so it can be connected to the Internet.

This function, of course, can be done directly with the Come64, without the need of a PC. But the port is there if the need to use a PC is still there.