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Hi, I'm Goog. Creator and founder of CommodoreServer.com, the Comet64 Internet Modem and the Portland Commodore Users Group in Portland, Oregon USA (PDXCUG.org). I am excited about all things Commodore, but my passion lies with the Commodore 64.


Comet Chat 1.4

Another release of Comet Chat has been released. Here are the new enhancements.

The release of Comet Chat 1.4 brings the following enhancements:

Incredibly Fast

This has partly to do with the recent CommodoreServer service upgrade, which makes things faster in itself. But you will notice a remarkable difference in the flow of messages.

Faster Keyboard Input

I replaced the BASIC input routine by converting it to machine language. It is doubtful that you can type faster than the Commodore can accept now. You can type at normal speeds without losing characters.

More Sound Effects

Room sound effects are distinguished from messages. Also, when your name is mentioned, you will hear a special sound effect, different from all other message sounds.


If your Internet connection dies, Comet Chat will now detect it and timeout, allowing you to simply log in again. Previous versions appeared to hang (but in reality it was just waiting for a reply from the server forever).


If you should need to use V-1541LO, Comet Chat will work with the low memory version of V-1541.  This will allow you to store other programs or data in high memory.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • When you cancel a message, it no longer prints the next message split between the previous line and the current line.
  • When you change your nickname, your new name will be highlighted (along with the new sound effect)

V-1541 2.2

Comet Chat requires V-1541 v2.2, which was released on the same day. You can run UPDATER to update your V-1541 files and then just load Comet Chat like you normally do.

V-1541 2.2 will allow for some additional enhancements in future versions of Comet Chat.


You can still LOAD Comet Chat directly from your Commodore 64, but if you are wondering where the disk image is, you can Download it from CommodoreServer


Overall, I think you'll enjoy this new version - give it a try!


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judland 9/16/2012

The upgrade works really well. Had a nice chat with aylesburytim this afternoon and CometChat was nice and responsive. Good job!