• Adventures in C64 Code Hacking

  • by slarti64

Hey, I'm Slartibartfast, formerly of Aussie demo crews Futurevision Designs, Battery and Lithium (old school) and Onslaught, Chrome and Hokuto Force (contemporary), recently having joined PROS to code intros for the cracks my man Fungus does. I've been coding for the c64 almost since I first got one in the 90's, took a break from the "death" of the scene in the mid-90's until returning in the early 2000's to join Onslaught and Chrome in around 2005. I released several short demos in that time, started work on a game, and burnt out around 2007 and left the scene again. That brings us to today, where I decided if I was going to make a game now, I'd have to polish up my skills. This started as an idea to rejoin Hokuto Force, but then the CSDB intro competition came along and I met Fungus again for the first time in years, and we formed a cracking crew, PROS. I figured I could disassemble my old demo parts, which were little more than linked intros, and quickly teach myself to demo again. And with the help of VICE monitor and Regenerator Disassembler, it worked!:D So follow on and read all about the process in creating my first intro in a decade, along with source code snippets and eventually the source to the entire intro. http://c64.inspired-digital.net http://redux2017.inspired-digital.net


New Post on the C64 Code Hacking blog!

New Sourcecodes on the blog!

Tomorrow there will be a new post and sourcecodes on the C64 Code Hacking blog, a 1x2 font scroller! :D

Stay tuned!

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