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My Comet64 has landed!

I'm thrilled to say that my Comet64 Internet modem has arrived.

Yesterday, when I returned home from work, I was thrilled to learn that my Comet64 Internet modem had finally arrived.  What a great little device this is; the CommodoreServer team has really done an excellent job.

Over the coming week, I'll work on putting together a more detailed review of my experiences with the Comet64.  But for now, I can't tell you how awesome it was connecting  up my almost 30 year old C64 to the Internet and loading up one of my own disk images from the CS server.

I then topped off the experience by joining in on the Group Zork chat board and briefly chatting with Goog and Agent Friday (two really friendly fellows).

I have all sorts of things I want to try with the Comet64 and I'll try to remember to post about my experiences as I go along.  From my conversation last night on GZ, the CS gang have got some really cool things planned for their device and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what develops.  I wish them nothing but success and a lot of fun along the way.

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S0RC3R0R 12/15/2011

Check out the beta release if COMETerm 64 v1.0 that I'm developing right now as a prototype. It support 38.4k, 40-column PETSCII terminal emulation, and soon... Xmodem file transfers if FRIDAY and GOOG are interested in helping me debug and develop the Karl Schmitt basic code I found for Xmodem 64 on a wiki for Commodore programmers.