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Getting back into C=. Telnet with BBSserver and CCGMS 14 https://github.com/LeifBloomquist/BBSServer -Using Star Commander, 64HDD and collecting peripherals. Wired up an RS232 adapter (Wulfden P3 and userport connector) with instructions from http://biosrhythm.com/?p=1136 I'm glad to have found this site, and hope it becomes what it can be!



*** Connecting to Commodore Server 3 different ways *** It's Alive!!!

After much trial and error, I found a few ways to log on Commodore Server.

I had, in the past connected to BBS's through an RS232 adapter to the serial port on my PC that was running BBSServer.

The challenge for me after recently unpacking my trusty C64 was getting software to my 1541 so I could run the necessary V-1541 to utilize Commodore Server.

I dug an old XP box out of the attic and installed StarCommander and 64HDD.  There was quite a bit of effort involved in making a USB boot drive for DOS, and even then, I had poor results repeating a good connection.

I installed OpenCBM, CBM4WIN and CBMXFER and still had bad luck with my XM1541 cable connection.  What I realized is that the underlaying software at the core of the two GUI programs, "OpenCBM" was actually working very reliably from the windows command line.  It was then that I discovered VICE used OpenCBM to communicate with the 1541.  Once I plugged my 1541 straight into the pc via XM1541 cable (and disconnected the C64 from the drive) I could easily attach a disk image on drive 9 in the emulator, list the directory, and save files to my REAL drive 8.

This most reliable method of getting files to my drive allowed me to get a copy of V-1541 on my C64.  Since I was still using RS232 to the PC running BBSServer, I had to fire up CCGMS 14 simply to activate a connection.  When the terminal was finally booted and running, I issued "atdt commodoreserver.com:1541".  That connected the BBSServer to Commodore Server.com.  Right away I would pull the terminal floppy out, and "load V-1541,8,1".  Once loaded, type "sys49152" and the software would confirm what version it was running.  I won't forget after hours of tinkering, the first time that I typed load "$",2 and got a listing from the server!

All in all, that was a cumbersome way of getting online, but it worked for BBS's and CommodoreServer, so I dealt with the long loading times and multiple softwares involved on the two computers just to see some color graphics on my monitor.

I then discovered that I couldn't download or save to the server.  I was perplexed.  Somehow I was told that it was probably an RTS/CTS problem, so I wired up a more elaborate adapter....  with the same end results!  I could initiate a transfer, but after a few blocks of data was transferred, it would just plain stop.  I was confused about why VICE worked just fine on commodore server.  I really thought I had a hardware connection problem.  After a few nights of fighting what seemed to be a simple fix, I read that the Comet64 modem had a large buffer.  I finally broke down and bought a WiModem because it had some documentation about logging on here.  

( I was hell-bent on being able to up/download, use Cometchat and C=Server to it's full extent!  (Even though I still "NEED" the Comet modem!!! )

So, after getting the wireless modem, I found the secret key to using it on commodore server.  I could finally avoid loading a terminal program and BBSServer!!!  I stored the commodore server address in the modem per the instructions, and on disk, saved WiModem's one line basic program to connect:


Now my process goes like this: (1) Power up with the WiModem connected.  It finds my router automatically. (2) load V-1541 so the C64 knows about the modem.  (3) load and run the basic program above to connect to the server. (once connected, hit run/stop)  (4) load"$",2 to see the server menu and verify all is working.  (4) start using commodore server!  If you load "$",2, you will see CSMenu.  That is a very nice program by "wizardnj" to use functions on the site.

My secondary option is using VICE to have full functionality on commodore server, but that is more or less just when I want to chat while I poke around on my C64 doing other things.

Last, is the crude rs232 setup for BBS'ing I described earlier.  If you ONLY want to join the Cserver chat room, and if you like the challenge, the soldering, cables and software mess, just have a copy of V-1541, CCGMS14 & Cometchat on disk, and an old windows PC with a serial port running BBSserver handy!

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Pinacolada 1/6/2017

Hi. Yup, I'm busy doing some programming (or trying to), how are you checking Gmail using CCGMS?

ericpine 1/8/2017

Back in '08, I followed Jeff Ledger's guide to getting a C64 online.


From what I see now, http://jledger.proboards.com/thread/571 is the last GMAIL vs C64 was dealt with.

I spent some time today crossing out broken links on the original article, maybe we need to nudge Jeff and get an updated doc. Jeff did a lot of good work, and I'm likely writing this because of him!

Oldbitcollector 2/19/2017

@ericpine, Honestly have been considering a rewrite of that document for the last couple months. There are several new methods for getting online that are reasonable easy to implement and work very well.

Tayger 2/24/2017

Im pretty new to commodoreserver and what I can say so far...
- I miss a forum and/or chat system where ppl can get in contact more directly
- I miss the infomation how long the Modem sell is on hold

First point is a thing that brings a community more together. Second point: I don't get any answer from commodoreserver nor do they post anything about it and why its on hold.
commodoreserver may have a great service, I just can't find that out!

ericpine 2/24/2017


(- I miss a forum and/or chat system where ppl can get in contact more directly)
*** Cometchat is what you want! ***

(- I miss the infomation how long the Modem sell is on hold)
*** Goog is working on a new version of the Comet modem. ***
*** You can get around this by connecting through a PC terminal server, or purchase a WiModem ***

The administrator is very busy, he will get back to you, but maybe not right away. Look for a blog entry from me about the two ways I connect to Commodore Server without a Comet64. I will chat with you soon! -EP