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  • by ericpine

Getting back into C=. Telnet with BBSserver and CCGMS 14 https://github.com/LeifBloomquist/BBSServer -Using Star Commander, 64HDD and collecting peripherals. Wired up an RS232 adapter (Wulfden P3 and userport connector) with instructions from http://biosrhythm.com/?p=1136 I'm glad to have found this site, and hope it becomes what it can be!



Anyone else around?

I see that slarti64 has posted here, anyone else around?

I'm eager to see if CommodoreServer.com can bridge the gaps in the Commodore community!


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Pinacolada 1/6/2017

Hi. Yup, I'm busy doing some programming (or trying to), how are you checking Gmail using CCGMS?

ericpine 1/8/2017

Back in '08, I followed Jeff Ledger's guide to getting a C64 online.


From what I see now, http://jledger.proboards.com/thread/571 is the last GMAIL vs C64 was dealt with.

I spent some time today crossing out broken links on the original article, maybe we need to nudge Jeff and get an updated doc. Jeff did a lot of good work, and I'm likely writing this because of him!